GM May Keep Existing Brands but Kill Overlapping Models

It’s widely known that GM is currently conducting a review of the HUMMER brand which will most likely result in the brand being sold or eventually killed. GM is claiming that no other brands are currently under review.

Instead of selling off its current brands to raise revenue, GM is most likely going to have more job cuts and cut overlapping models. Do we really need four Lambda crossovers (Enclave, Outlook, Traverse, Acadia)? This plan would be very similar to what Chrysler announced. Killing off brands would likely cost GM even more money since dealers would likely sue (remember Oldsmobile). Also most of GM’s brands are of little value to any outside investors, so selling off its current brands will most likely not generate the cash that GM needs.

In general GM is most likely going to scale back its current SUV and truck models in favor of more fuel-efficient models.

Full Story: Detroit News

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