GM is Reportedly Working on a New Small Truck

Although the segment is much smaller than it was in the 80’s and other manufacturers are pulling out, GM is working on a new small truck. According to sources GM is working on a new compact truck that will be similar to the originial S-10.

GM’s current small trucks, the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon have been losing sales over the past few years and the future of the two trucks is uncertain. GM currently plans to end production of at the Shreveport plant where the two trucks are produced in 2012.

One of the main reasons for the decline of the segment is that the current players like the Toyota Tacoma have gotten bigger and more expensive. Former small truck buyers have moved into the full-size segment because the price tag is often close to that of the current midsize trucks.

GM now sees room for a new small truck that would get better fuel economy than the larger trucks and also be much cheaper. The small truck would be similar in size to the compact pickups of the 1980’s.

Ford is planning on Ranger next year, which means Ford truck buyers will have to make due with the F-150. But even though Ford is pulling out of the segment, Chrysler is hoping to produce a successor to the soon to be dead Dodge Dakota. Toyota’s Scion is also considering a small truck as well.

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