GM is Out…But Hyundai Might be the Next Chrysler Suitor

Last week it was reported that GM had suspended all talks with Chrysler about an apparent merger after the U.S. treasury denied GM’s request for aid to buy Chrysler. Now it’re being reported that Hyundai may be interested.

According to Reuters, Hyundai and Chrysler’s owners, Cerberus Capital Management, have been in talks about Hyundai acquiring the Jeep brand. Both automakers have not released an official statement about the discussions.

Before the GM and Chrysler talks took place, Renault-Nissan was also having talks with Cerberus to acquire parts of Chrysler. Now that the GM talks are off Renault-Nissan may renew its discussion.

Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli recently stated “As an independent company we will continue to explore multiple strategic alliances or partnerships as we investigate growth opportunities around the world that would aid our return to profitability.”

Full Story: Motor Authority

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