Geneva 11' Preview: VW Brings Back the Golf Cabriolet…First Official Photos Unveiled

Have you been missing the Golf Cabriolet in the VW lineup? Well it’s back! Here are the first official photos of the Golf Cabriolet that is going to be unveiled in Geneva next week.

Based on the current generation Golf, the Golf Cabriolet seats four and has an electric canvas roof. The canvas roof takes only 9.5 seconds to be raised or lowered and can be operated at speeds up to 18 mph. Unlike past Golf Cabriolets, the new one does away with a fixed central rollbar and instead gets a pop-up system that is similar to the Eos.

Speaking of the Eos, the Golf Cabriolet is smaller and will slot below it in the VW lineup. In Europe the VW Cabriolet will be powered by a range of diesel and gas engines. Sales will begin this summer in Europe. VW hasn’t announced when it will be offered in the U.S.

2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_2.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_3.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_4.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_6.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_7.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_8.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_9.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_10.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_11.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_12.jpg 2012_VW_Golf_Cabriolet_13.jpg

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