Geneva 10' Preview: 2011 Audi RS5 Brochure Images Leaked

We’re about a week away from the Geneva Motor Show, but images from the brochure for the 2011 Audi RS5 have already leaked onto the internet.

It’s not yet known what will power the RS5, although its been rumored that a twin-turbo V8 will be used.

Stay tuned…

2011_audi_rs5_brochure.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure3.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure4.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure5.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure6.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure7.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure8.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure9.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure10.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure11.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure12.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure13.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure14.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure15.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure16.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure17.jpg 2011_audi_rs5_brochure18.jpg

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