Currently if you’re interested in the Genesis brand you have to go down to your local Hyundai dealer. While that might have worked when the Genesis label was still badged underneath the Hyundai brand, buyers are now having an issue shopping for a $60k sedan that’s parked next to models, like the Hyundai Accent.

Hyundai is now working quickly to build a separate network of dealers for the Genesis brand.

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2018 G80

“For this brand to really survive and thrive, and for us to develop the culture within ourselves and within our dealer network to support and take care of these customers, we do in fact have to expedite our process of separating our brands,” Genesis general manager Erwin Raphael revealed to Automotive News.

Most recently the Genesis brand was sold in a separate part of existing Hyundai dealers as the automaker worked on a plan to separate the two brands. The new plan to separate the two will see a new network of Genesis dealers with its own dedicated service departments.

Hyundai hasn’t announced a timeframe for the transition, but is expected a legal battle from dealerships that invested in separate Genesis departments within their dealerships.

Source: Automotive News