Frankfurt 11' Preview: Kia GT Concept Images Leaked

The first official images of Kia’s new rear-wheel-drive four-door coupe concept have leaked ahead of the concept’s official debut next week. It was originally thought that Kia’s new V8 concept would carry the Veredus name, but now its been confirmed that the concept will be dubbed the Kia GT.

The GT name isn’t something new, but the concept takes Kia into a new area that it’s never existed in before. Although Kia’s parent, Hyundai has the rear-wheel-drive Genesis and Equus sedans, Kia has yet to release a rear-wheel-drive sedan. The details still remain scarce about the GT concept, but it is known that it will be powered by a V8, which could be a version of the 5.0L V8 that powers the Genesis R-Spec.

Kia is expected to release a rear-wheel-drive sedan next year and the GT concept is expected to be based on the same platform.

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