We’re all happy that the Ranger is finally back in the US, but we were also disappointed when Ford announced that the off-road ready Ranger Raptor wouldn’t be coming here. Well there’s hope, since a new report claims that the Ranger Raptor will come to the US, but not for a few years.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor

According to Road & Track the Ford Ranger Raptor will come to the US when the next-generation Ranger debuts. Even though the 2019 Ranger is new to the US, the current generation has actually been in production in other markets since 2011. Ford said that the main reason the Ranger Raptor isn’t coming to the US, is because it wasn’t designed for this market.

Road & Track speculated that the Ranger Raptor would arrive in the US with the debut of the next generation and now according to the social media profiles of some of Ford’s engineers, the publication may be right. The next-generation Ranger has a project code of P703, which will share lots of its parts with the new Bronco.

Some details about the next Ranger have showed up on social media and a Chassis Engineer recently posted details about a Ranger Raptor that’s being developed for North American market. 

The next-generation Ranger might debut in 2022, which means the next Ranger Raptor will debut shortly after that. Ford has obviously not made any announcements about the Ranger Raptor for the US market, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Road & Track