In a somewhat surprise move, Ford has decided to kill off every car in its current lineup besides the Mustang. While the decision might seem a bit extreme, Ford has decided to go all in on trucks and SUVs as part of its efforts to improve its profitability. Which basically means that it wasn’t making any money off its existing car lineup.

2017 Ford Taurus

“We’re going to feed the healthy part of our business,” Ford’s CEO, Jim Hackett told Automotive News. “and deal decisively with the parts that destroy value.” Those “parts” are the Fusion, Taurus, Focus and Fiesta, which will all end production, starting with the current Ford Focus in May. The Taurus and Fiesta will cease production in 2019 and within the next few years the Fusion will also disappear.

After the Fusion disappears, Ford’s only cars will be the Mustang and upcoming Focus Active. While Ford sees the move as a decision that will improve its profits, is it the best decision? Back in 2008 then Ford CEO, Alan Mulally pushed for Ford to reduce its dependency on trucks and SUVs, but now Ford is projecting that 90 percent of its sales will come from its high riding lineup. But what isn’t being really discussed is that fact that after the regular Focus and Fiesta disappear, Ford’s lineup will ignore the low end of the industry.

The small Ford EcoSport will likely be the brand’s cheapest model in the lineup, but today it starts at $19,995, putting it out of reach of some thriftier buyers.

Source: Automotive News