Ford and Postmates have teamed up to test a self-driving food delivery service in Miami and Miami Beach. There are currently more than 70 businesses participating in the pilot.

Ford postmates delivery

How does it work? When a Postmates user orders food from one of the participating businesses they are given the option to choose to have their food delivered by a self-driving vehicle. When the user’s order is ready, the restaurant places it in the self-driving vehicle, which features a locker system that gives it the ability to carry multiple orders.

Ford postmates delivery

After the restaurant employee types his access code into the screen, one of the lockers will automatically open so that the employee can place the food inside. When the self-driving vehicle arrives at its destination, the customer receives a text notification indicating the delivery is ready for pickup. Upon meeting the vehicle at the curb, consumers enter an access code into the touch screen and the appropriate locker will open.

Ford and Postmates have not announced if any other cities will launch the pilot as well.

Source: Ford