Ford to build new Bronco and Ranger in Michigan

A local UAW boss has confirmed that the Ford Bronco and Ranger are coming back. Both models will soon be produced at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant.


Donald Trump’s attacks on Ford in his latest campaign have sparked fights between the automaker and the presidential candidate. If you haven’t seen the news, Trump claims that Ford is going to move jobs from the U.S. to Mexico in its latest campaign. Ford has continued to fire back at Trump’s claims, by claiming that it is actually investing more in the United States, which will include new production in Michigan.

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All the fighting concerns Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant, which currently produces the Focus and C-Max models. Production of the those models is going to move to Mexico, but that doesn’t mean that Ford is going to close down its plant in Michigan. Instead Ford is going to shift production of two iconic models to the plant. Ford hasn’t officially announced what will take the place of the Focus and C-Max, but Bill Johnson, chairman of UAW local 900 recently revealed to the Detroit Free Press, “We hate to see the products go to Mexico, but with the Ranger and the Bronco coming to Michigan Assembly that absolutely secures the future for our people a lot more than the Focus does.”

So there you have it! Thanks to the fight between Donald Trump and Ford, we now have confirmation that the Bronco is coming back and that the Ranger will soon go head-to-head with the latest midsize pickups.

Source: Detroit Free Press