Ford May Kill the Taurus X and Mercury Sable

According to The Detroit News, Ford is planning on reducing the production of the Taurus X and Mercury Sable by half starting next year.

The Taurus, Taurus X, Mercury Sable and new Lincoln MKS are all built at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant. Reportedly production of the Taurus is going to continue. It is being speculated that Ford may eventually kill off the Taurus X and Mercury Sable due to slipping sales. Sales of the Ford Taurus X are down 25 percent this year and Mercury Sable sales are down 8 percent from last year.

The two models simply don’t seem to fit into Ford’s future product plans. The Taurus X is now being overshadowed by the recently introduced Ford Flex. Also Ford has announced that future Mercury products will focus on small fuel-efficient vehicles. Since the Sable is a large sedan it may no longer fit in the lineup.

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The Detroit News

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