Ford Finally Decides to Bring its Euro Models to the US

Ford has already announced plans to bring the all-new Ford Fiesta to the US by 2010. The Fiesta is going to be the first of the European Fords that will finally make the trek over to the US.

Mark Fields, Ford president of America, has confirmed that the next Focus (late 2010 or early 2011) will be a world car, something that we’ve all been whining about for years The European Focus is far better than the model we have here. Fields also recently told the Automotive News that the US is eventually going to get a version of the European Ford Kuga crossover and C-Max.

ford_kuga_red2.jpg ford_kuga_red3.jpg ford_kuga_red4.jpg ford_kuga_red5.jpg ford_kuga_red6.jpg

Full Story: eGMCarTech

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