Earlier this year Ford announced plans to introduce a new small off-road ready SUV and now Ford has confirmed that it will share its platform with the Ford Focus.

Hau Thai-Tang, executive vice president of product development and purchasing confirmed during an investor conference that the new small SUV will share its platform with the Focus and Escape, but that it will be feature “offroad positioning and imagery.” Basically the small SUV will get more rugged styling than the Escape. It’s expected that it’s styling will be inspired by the iconic 1960s Bronco.

Ford hasn’t confirmed when the new compact SUV will be added to the lineup and even what it will be called, but there’s a chance that it could debut in 2019 as a 2020 model. Although Ford has yet to announce the name of the new SUV, there’s a chance that it could be called either the Maverick or Timberline, since Ford recently trademarked both names.

Source: Reuters