Five-Door Fiat 500 to be Dubbed the 500L

Fiat is going to release its fourth variant of the 500, the five-door 500L at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We’re still about a month away until it’s officially unveiled, but some of the early details have surfaced.

The 500L will be a larger version of the small 500 that will get a similar front end, but will be built on a widened version of Fiat’s small vehicle architecture that is also the basis for the Fiat Punto. The 500L will be about 2 inches longer than the 500. Fiat is going to release two versions of the 500L, a five-seat version that will debut first, then a longer seven-seat version. The U.S. will only receive the five-seat version, which will arrive early next year.

Fiat hasn’t announced the official specs for the 500L, but it wil likely be powered by Fiat’s 85-hp turbocharged two-cylinder, a 1.4L with either 77-hp or 105-hp and a 1.3L diesel with either 75-hp or 95-hp. The US-spec 500L will likely only be powered by the 1.4L.

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