Fisker has announced adjusted pricing for all Fisker Ocean models in the US.

The EV price wars rage on, fueled by Tesla’s recent price decreases, with Fisker being the latest to change their pricing strategy in an effort to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

The Fisker Ocean Extreme, the Fisker Ocean’s highest trim level, is getting a dramatic $7,500 price reduction, going from $68,999 to $61,499. Fisker Ocean Extreme customers who have already placed orders or purchased a Fisker Ocean Extreme will receive a $7,500 price adjustment, even if their Fisker Ocean Extreme has already gone into production.

Fisker has also opened the order books for all Fisker Ocean trim levels, including the base Sport and mid-range Ultra trims. In contrast to the Extreme, Fisker says they will raise the pricing for these trims. The Fisker Ocean Sport will see a $1,500 increase from $37,499 to $38,999, while the Fisker Ocean Ultra will see a $3,000 increase from $49,999 to $52,999. These higher prices will go into effect on November 6th. Buyers can lock in the current lower pricing by placing their orders by November 5th.

As is always the question with changes to vehicle pricing, Fisker maintains the new pricing structure will not affect its overall profit margins. “We are very confident in the continued demand for the Ocean and we expect the Sport and Ultra models to be the highest sellers starting in 2024,” Henrik Fisker added. “We expect our overall margins will be unaffected because higher Sport and Ultra pricing, combined with our cost-reduction initiatives and lower input prices, will support the anticipated trajectory of our profits.”

Fisker also released new range numbers, with the Fisker Ocean Extreme getting an official EPA estimated range of 360 miles and the Fisker Ocean Ultra receiving an EPA estimated range of 350 miles. Though it has yet to receive an official EPA rating, Fisker says the Fisker Ocean Sport should achieve 231 miles of range.