Fisker has filed a patent for new solid-state battery technology that has 2.5 times the energy density of today’s lithium-ion batteries. Fisker’s battery technology will feature three-dimensional electrodes and according to Green Car Congress, Fisker hopes to have it in a production car by 2023.

Fisker Emotion debut

The highlight of Fisker’s new battery is that it features three-dimensional electrodes that have 25 times more surface area than flat thin-film solid-state electrodes. Extremely high electronic and ionic conductivities also enable a fast charging time of only a minute and better performance in cold temperatures.

Dr. Fabio Albano, VP of battery systems at Fisker stated, “We are addressing all of the hurdles that solid-state batteries have encountered on the path to commercialization, such as performance in cold temperatures; the use of low cost and scalable manufacturing methods; and the ability to form bulk solid-state electrodes with significant thickness and high active material loadings. We are excited to build on this foundation and move the needle in energy storage.”

Fisker will preview the new battery technology at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show with the debut of the Fisker EMotion electric car.

Source: Green Car Congress