First Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Auctioned off for $2.9 million

Bugatti officially unveiled the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport a few days ago at Pebble Beach and today the first car was auctioned off by the Gooding & Company for $2.9 million.

Bidding on the roadster started at $1.7 million and ended at $2.9 million, but due to the auction premium of 10 percent the final amount that the lucky buyer will have to pay is $3.19 million.

Only 150 models are planned, with 50 going to existing Bugatti what does that mean only 99 are left.

bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport2.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport3.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport4.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport5.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport6.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport7.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport8.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport9.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport10.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport11.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport12.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport13.jpg bugatti_veyron_16.4_grand_sport14.jpg

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