Fiat's Bravo Next Model Headed to the US, 500 Exceeding Sales Expectations

Fiat has officially relaunched in the US, with the introduction of the small 500. Fiat is currently working on its next model for the US-market, the successor to the Bravo. 2009_Fiat_Bravo_rear.jpg

Although many critics predicted that the Fiat 500 would not succeed in the US, its early sales have exceeded expectations. The 500 cabriolet has just been released and Abarth and EV versions of the 500 are also planned in the near future. Fiat is planning its next model in the US, which will be larger than the 500. Fiat’s Laura Soaves recently stated that “Fiat will be the small car brand. It will never have anything larger than a C [segment].” This means that Fiat will not steal sales from Chrysler by not selling anything larger than a Ford Focus or Honda Civic.

Details remain scarce about what we can expect for the replacement for the Bravo, but Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne has stated that the car “will not be a traditional offering.”

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