Ferrari is working on its first SUV and now we know what it will be called, Purosangue, which means thoroughbred in Italian. Ferrari has confirmed that it’s working on 15 new vehicles that will be launched between now and 2022, which includes the new SUV.

The Ferrari Purosangue will be the brand’s first ever SUV, but it doesn’t actually want to refer to it as an SUV. Ferrari CEO Louis Carey Camilleri, stated about the Purosangue, “That word, I do not want to hear it in the same phrase as Ferrari.” Ferrari hasn’t released too many details about the Purosangue, but it did confirm that it will be available with a hybrid powertrain, in addition to a conventional internal combustion engine.

Even if the Purosangue is an SUV, it will feature more coupe-like styling and its overall size will be smaller than the Lamborghini Urus. The Purosangue will be based on Ferrari’s new Front- and Mid-Engine Architecture, with a front mounted engine and a rear mounted dual-clutch transmission.