Dyson is a household name for its innovative vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, but the company wants to expand further. Dyson has announced plans to introduce an electric car by 2020.

Founder and chief engineer James Dyson made the important announcement via an email to the entire company, in which he recalls a paper that he read by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which linked the exhaust from diesel engines to premature death in laboratory mice and rats. Two years later the Dyson team began work on a cyclonic filter that could be fitted on a vehicle’s exhaust system to trap the harmful particulates.

Since then, Dyson has remained ambitious to find a solution to the problem of air pollution, which has prompted Dyson to create new battery technologies that have been used in products like its Supersonic hair dryer and cord-free vacuum line. Now Dyson is taking that technology even further by beginning work on a new electric vehicle that will launch by 2020.

Dyson has already started building a team of engineers from the automotive industry and it is committed to spending $2.7 billion to see the new electric car come to life.

Source: Dyson