Driver Feedback Lead to the Redesign of the Toyota FT-86

Earlier this month we got a closer look at what the Toyota FT-86 will look like, in the form of the FT-86 II Concept. The FT-86 II featured a redesigned more pedestrian friendly nose that is taller than the original. The bigger change is to the A-pillars, which have been moved back about 100mm at the base. According to Akihiro Nagaya, the manager of Toyota’s design division, who told Autocar, the changes to the FT-86 were due to driver feedback. toyota_ft86_II_concept_fr_new.jpg

Nagaya told Autocar, “We had feedback from drivers who felt that the angle of the A-pillars created a type of ‘tunnel vision. This could sometimes make the car hard to place on the road, particularly at higher speeds.”

Nagaya went on to state that the FT-86 II is about 50-70 percent of what we can expect for the final production version that is expected to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in December.

Full Story: Autocar

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