Dodge Sells 6,000 2008 Challengers in 3 days and Releases Official Teaser Images

Chrysler starting taking orders for the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 on December 3rd and within 3 days the automaker managed to receive over 6,000 orders. It was initially rumored that only 5,000 of the 08′ models would be produced, but now Chrysler has confirmed that 10,000 of the 08′ Challenger SRT8s will be built.

Today Chrysler released the first official teaser images of the Challenger, although some scanned pages from the official brochure showed up on the internet yesterday.

2008_dodge_challenger_srt8_teaser_image002.jpg 2008_dodge_challenger_srt8_teaser_image003.jpg 2008_dodge_challenger_srt8_teaser_image004.jpg 2008_dodge_challenger_srt8_teaser_image005.jpg 2008_dodge_challenger_srt8_teaser_image001small.jpg

Brochure Images:

challenger_brochure.jpg challenger_brochure1.jpg challenger_brochure_2.jpg challenger_brochure_3.jpg challenger_brochure_4.jpg

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