Dodge Journey Finds Success in Europe as the Fiat Freemont

Fiat is asking Chrysler to increase production of the Fiat Freemont, which is a rebadged Dodge Journey that is sold in Europe.

Fiat originally planned to sell 13,000 Fremonts this year, but Fiat recently told Automotive News Europe that it has already received 15,700 orders for the model. Fiat plans to sell 33,000 Fremonts in 2012, its first full year of sales in Europe. Chrysler originally planned to produce 3,000 units a month, but due to the higher than expected demand, increased that number to 4,067 units in June.

Chrysler is hoping to produce 4,000 units a month without having to have its workforce work overtime.

80 percent of the Freemonts orders are coming from Italy and 80 percent of those buying the Freemont are new Fiat customers.

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