Diesel-Powered VW Jetta is in High Demand Despite High Diesel Fuel Prices

VW’s new diesel powered Jetta isn’t going to be in dealers until next month, but many VW dealers have already received enough orders to eat up their total 2008 allocation.

The new Jetta TDI meets emissions standards in all 50 states, but with diesel prices approaching $5 a gallon it has many people wondering why there is so much appeal for the car. According to dealers the higher fuel economy and reliability of the diesel engine are driving its demand. Diesel engines provide improved fuel-economy that is comparable to a hybrid or smaller fuel-efficient car, but with better performance. The Jetta TDI gets 29 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway compare that to 21/29 for the regular gasoline powered Jetta.

Volkswagen is planning on selling 15,000 Jetta TDIs a year. By next year the TDI could account for almost 30 percent of the Jetta’s sales.

The Jetta TDI sedan starts at $22,640 and the wagon starts at $24,240, which is about $2,000 more than the regular gas powered models.

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