Detroit's Big 3 Still Own Over 90 Percent of the Full-Size Truck Market

Detroit’s automakers have been focusing more on fuel-efficient small cars lately, but more than 20 percent of their sales still come from full-size trucks. Additionally even with competition from Toyota and Nissan, Detroit’s Big 3 hold 91 percent of the market.

“There is still that one stronghold left over,” said Jesse Toprak, auto analyst for “It is important — at least in the interim — that the domestics experience strong truck sales because it generates cash.”

Full-size trucks could help play a role in the recovery of Detroit’s Big 3, especially once the housing market rebounds, thanks to the construction industry. Although full-size trucks account for 20 percent of their sales, sales have dropped 31.2 percent this year. The automakers and dealers are hoping for a rebound next year.

Full Story: Free Press