Detroit 2008: Honda Pilot Prototype Hits the Stage

Honda has used the Detroit Auto Show to unveil the Pilot prototype that conveys many of the design features of the all-new 2009 Honda Pilot.

For the 09′ model year the Pilot will receive all new styling inside and out. Legroom, cargo and occupant capacity have increased across the board. The Pilot’s platform has also been redesigned for better handling and ride comfort. The 2009 Pilot will also feature the Honda-exclusive Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure.

Under the hood the V6 engine will feature Honda’s fuel-saving Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) technology that can operate in 6-cyl and 4 and 3 cylinder modes for improved fuel economy. The new system is an improvement over the current Pilot, which can only operate in 6 and 3-cylinder modes.

The 2009 Honda Pilot will debut in the spring of this year.

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