Detroit 09' Preview: Volvo S60 Concept Unveiled

Although there are rumors that Ford may soon sell Volvo, Volvo is continuing work on its current lineup. Volvo has unveiled the S60 Concept that will be officially unveiled next month at the Detroit Auto Show.

The S60 Concept shows that the next generation S60 will be more aggressive than the current generation with a coupe-like roof line. The concept also has no B pillar and features rear doors that open suicide style. Obviously the door setup will not make it onto the production model.

Inside the concept features many of the same design elements as the newer Volvos.

The concept is powered by a GTDi (gasoline turbocharged direct-injection) four-cylinder that puts out 179 horsepower and is mated to a Powershift dual-clutch transmission.

Stay tuned for more details next month from the show.

volvo_s60_concept2.jpg volvo_s60_concept3.jpg volvo_s60_concept4.jpg volvo_s60_concept5.jpg volvo_s60_concept6.jpg volvo_s60_concept7.jpg volvo_s60_concept8.jpg volvo_s60_concept9.jpg volvo_s60_concept10.jpg volvo_s60_concept11.jpg volvo_s60_concept13.jpg volvo_s60_concept14.jpg volvo_s60_concept15.jpg volvo_s60_concept16.jpg volvo_s60_concept17.jpg