DeLorean to Ressurrect the Pontiac Solstice?

There are some strange rumors brewing between DeLorean Motor Company and Pontiac. You will recall that DeLorean was responsible for the production of the “Back to the Future” car in the 80’s. Well since then the company has basically been just servicing the old DMC’s. Now there are rumors that DeLorean may be considering buying the recently killed Pontiac Solstice platform and the Wilmington Assembly Plant that produced it from GM.

Apparenly DeLorean’s founder had a long history with Pontiac, so it’s current management is speculating if their founder would have tried to save it.

“JZD always said that the best memories of his automotive career were at Pontiac, and that connection between JZD and Pontiac is probably one of the better known associations among car enthusiasts,” said James Espey, Vice President of the DeLorean Motor Company.

Currently the company has a Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe in its possession for evaluation. DeLorean has also released the drawings you see here.

2011_delorean_solstice_2.jpg 2011_delorean_solstice_3.jpg

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