Chrysler PT Cruiser Will Stay in Production Until End of 2010

It has been reported for quite a while that Chrysler was going to eventually kill the PT Cruiser. The latest reports had slated its death for this summer, but since the automaker now has a new owner it looks like the little wagon will continue in production for a little longer.

The PT Cruiser officially went into production at the end of 1999 and now ten years later the vehicle has remained largely unchanged. According to new reports the PT Cruiser will continue to be produced until the end of 2010 at Chrysler’s Mexico plant. Once production is stopped, Chrysler will start retooling the plant for the Fiat 500 and a Jeep version of the Fiat Panda. The Fiat 500 will start production at the Toluca plant in the summer of 2011.

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