Chrysler Has Decided to Kill Production Plans for the Imperial Sedan…Finally!

According to the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler has nixed plans for the large Imperial sedan. The main reason the plans were scrapped are because of the pending legislation in the U.S. Congress that will increase fuel-efficiency standards. The Chrysler Imperial would have been the largest and heaviest car in Chrysler’s lineup.

Chrysler spokesman David Elshoff said, “The decision to build the Imperial concept was always contingent upon our ability to create a profitable business case for the vehicle. In light of the current economic climate and the climate for restrictive fuel efficiency legislation, we can’t justify a business case to add that vehicle.”

Elshoff also said, “Frankly it would’ve been irresponsible to bring that car to market,”

Instead of focusing on the Imperial, the automaker is going to focus more on the next generation 300 sedan.

Full Story: Detroit Free Press

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