Chrysler/ Fiat Partnership: Which Cars are We Likely to Get in the US and Which Ones Will be Gone?

Now that Chrysler and Fiat have managed to come to an agreement and Chrysler has officially entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy, what is next?

Industry analysts predict that by 2011 a Fiat-run Chrysler will look very different in the US. Many of Chrysler’s under performing models will likely be nixed and replaced by Fiat sourced models and some will not be replaced.

Chrysler is expected to become more of a niche automaker. It’s new lineup will not likely guarantee huge profits, according to some analysts, but the bankruptcy reorganization puts Chrysler in a position to be profitable.

So what can we expect to see hit US shores in the not so distant future? The Fiat 500 is set to be introduced once it passes US safety emissions and safety regulations. In addition the Fiat Grande Punto could also make it over. Alfa Romeo is expected to come back to the US with the Spider and the 159 sedan could eventually be the basis for a new Chrysler midsize sedan.

What is likely to go? The slow-selling and under performing Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass will be gone. The small Jeep Patriot, which also shares its platform with the Caliber and Compass is also in jeopardy. At the opposite end of the size spectrum, the Jeep Commander is already slated to be discontinued. Under the Dodge brand, the Dodge Nitro SUV will likely disappear, leaving its twin the Jeep Liberty to soldier on alone. The Chrysler brand is expected to lose the too-big Chrysler Aspen and the ugly Sebring. One of the Dodge Caravan/ Chrysler Town & Country minivans is expected to go away.

Of course even more models could be canceled, but for sure the Jeep Wrangler, Chrysler 300, Dodge Ram, Dodge Challenger and Jeep Grand Cherokee are expected to stay.

Full Story: Detroit News

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