There are lots of rumors circulating this week that FCA could announce the death of the Chrysler brand on Friday, June 1. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne is meeting with investors in Balocco, Italy on Friday and there are reports that during his speech he will announce the end of the Chrysler brand.

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According to FCA specialist Larry P. Vellequette who works for Automotive News, the Chrysler brand is doomed and will formally be killed off on Friday. He also states that a source told a European colleague that such an announcement could come on Friday, but the rumors have yet to be confirmed.

The news about the possible death of the Chrysler brand isn’t too surprising, since there are currently only two models left in the US – the 300 and Pacifica. The move to kill off the Chrysler brand could free up funds for FCA to invest more in the Jeep brand, which is its most popular division. If Chrysler does die, the 300 will likely just disappear, while the Pacifica could end up moving under the Dodge brand and reappear as the Dodge Grand Caravan.

There’s also reports that the Fiat brand could be pulled out of the United States again and China as FCA focuses the brand more on Europe and emerging markets. Lastly there’s also a report that the Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands could be combined into a single performance division.

This is all huge news, so luckily we don’t have to wait too long to see which rumors are true. The hammer on the Chrysler brand could be Marchionne’s last big move as he is slated to retire next year.

Source: Automotive News