Chrysler 300C SRT Diesel Unveiled…Too Bad its Only for Europe

Chrysler is going to release a diesel powered 300C SRT, but before you get excited there are two things that will kill your excitement.

First, rather than put a huge torquey V8 diesel engine in the 300C, Chrysler decided go with a 3.0L V6 diesel with 218bhp and 376lb ft of torque. Those are great numbers but some may be disappointed. Second the 300C SRT is only for Europe.

In addition to the diesel powerplant the 300C also gets some other changes. Such as a revised rear end with new tailights and a bootlid spoiler. On the inside the 300C gets a revised instument panel and extra LED lights.

The 300C also gets a new touchscreen navigation system with a 20GB hard drive, which is standard on the 300C SRT.

chrysler_300c_srt_diesel.jpg chrysler_300c_srt_diesel_2.jpg

Full Story: Top Gear

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