Chevy Sequel Fuel-Cell Vehicle Goes 300 Miles on a Single Tank of Hydrogen

Yesterday was a historic day for General Motors, their Chevy Sequel was the first fuel-cell vehicle to travel 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen. The 300 mile trip traveled in and out of cities in New York. The drive began at GM’s Fuel Cell Activity Center in Honeoye Falls and ended in Tarrytown, N.Y.

Larry Burns, GM Vice President of research and development and strategic planning announced that GM will likely have a fuel-cell vehicle in showrooms by 2012.

“I don’t know how many of them we’ll make at the time, but we should have them in showrooms by early next decade, around 2011 or 2012,” Burns told reporters. “Post-2012, the goal is to ramp up production to about a million vehicles a year, worldwide.”

This is the first time that a fuel-cell vehicle has managed to drive in and out of traffic for 300 miles without stopping for a refill.

This announcement follows the announcement by Honda last week, that they are going to start production of their Honda FCX fuel-cell vehicle next year.

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