Chevy is Finally Completing the Final Tweaks on the 2009 Corvette SS!

Although Bob Lutz, Vice-Chaiman of GM, recently reported that GM RWD vehicles were being put on hold, it looks as though the Corvette SS managed to slip through. The Car Connection has posted spy photos of the new 2009 Corvette SS “Blue Devil”. This uber Corvette will go against the Porsche Carerra GT and Ferrari.

There is no word yet on the final specs, although it is rumored to have between 650-700 horsepower and it will probably go for about $100k, at least. The engine may be a supercharged version of the base Corvette engine. The car will debut sometime later this year.

According to Lutz, “This thing has so much power that we have to explore a dynamic envelope that we’ve never explored before. . . . We’re really into a speed and power realm that General Motors has never been in before. We’re way up there with Porsche Carrera GTs and Ferraris.”

Will this car actually be a strong competitor to Porsche and Ferrari?

Full Story: The Car Connection

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