Chevy Dealer in California Asks for $20k over MSRP for Volt

It’s pretty common for some dealers to try to tack on a premium for models that are in high demand, but $20k? GM officially announced the pricing for the Volt last week, so researchers from Edmunds decided to inquire about getting one of the first Volts. At a lease rate of $350 a month with only $2,500 due at signing, who wouldn’t want

One of the researchers emailed a California dealer to lease the Volt and here is the shocking reply:

Hello *****

Thank you for your online request, as you know the Volt is going to be a very limited production vehicle for the first 2-3 years. Demand is going to far exceed supply for this vehicle, initially our asking price for the Volt is going to be MSRP plus $20,000, we are expecting only receive 9 Volts all of next year.

I will keep you in my customer base for when the Volt comes out and I will contact you with any information as I receive it. We are taking orders right now for the Volt, if you would like more information, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you. Thank you.

***** *****, Internet Specialist
******* Chevrolet
********, CA

It’s not known if this reply was sent before the dealer received word that GM is increasing production of the Volt 50 percent, to 45,000 units.

In addition to the $41,000 base price, GM also announced a lease rate of $350 a month with only $2,500 due at signing. So even if a dealer is trying to take on an insane premium, why wouldn’t you just lease it.

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