Chevy Cruze Wagon Debuts at the Geneva Motor Show

Later this month Chevy Cruze buyers in Europe will get to choose select a new body style of the Cruze, the Cruze wagon, which will be sold alongside the sedan and hatchback versions.

“The Cruze Station Wagon caters to an important market segment. It ticks all the boxes for European drivers in terms of distinctive design, dynamic driving, space and economy,” said Chevrolet Europe President and Managing Director Susan Docherty.

The Cruze wagon is slightly longer than the hatchback and sedan versions. Load space ranges from 500 litres up to the window line in the rear to nearly 1,500 litres up to the roof top with the rear seats folded down. GM has also announced that a new 130-hp 1.7L diesel is being added to the Cruze lineup.

The wagon version of the Chevy Cruze also previews the new facelift that will be added to the rest of the Cruze lineup. The front fascia has been updated with a revised grille, headlights and fog lights.