Chevy Camaro Hybrid in the Works and RWD Impala and LaCrosse are Dead?

The new fuel-economy rules are forcing automakers to rethink their current and future vehicle lineups.

Well GM which is making a come back with its new models like the Cadillac CTS and Chevy Malibu, the automaker is having to rethink its plans for some of its future models. The new CAFE regulations are forcing automakers to figure out ways to increase their overall fuel economy numbers. This means many of the large V8 powered models are now in jeopardy.

GM is already committed to producing the new Camaro, but other models that were expected to share its basic architecture have now been killed. The next-generation Chevy Impala, Buick LaCrosse and Pontiac G8 were expected to use the same RWD platform as the Camaro to keep costs down. These plans have been scrapped.

“You can’t kill something that was never approved,” said one GM official, who asked for anonymity but who confirmed the rear-wheel-drive projects are now dead.

In addition GM is now looking at ways to increase the gas mileage of the Camaro. This means that a hybrid using GM’s dual-mode system mated to a V8 engine is a possibility. GM is also looking into turbocharging since it can boost horsepower and fuel economy numbers.

Since the other RWD models have been killed, pricing for the V8 powered Camaro is expected to be higher than was originally planned. The base Camaro will be powered by a V6 powertrain that should keep it competitive with the upcoming Challenger and next-gen Mustang.

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