Sales of the Lincoln Navigator are up 63 percent this year and Ford is having a problem keeping up with the demand. While the Escalade is still outselling the Navigator, Cadillac has taken notice and to help it battle the Navigator, Cadillac is giving current customers a big discount on the Escalade.

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To make sure current Escalade drivers don’t jump ship, Cadillac is offering a $10,000 discount to 2016 Escalade lessees and a $7,500 discount to owners. The big discount runs through May 31, according to a memo GM sent dealers. Jim Cain, a GM spokesman, confirmed the memo to Bloomberg, calling it “an exclusive private offer” designed to “keep people in the family.”

This isn’t the first time that Cadillac has tried to throw out some extra cash to battle the Navigator. Last November, Cadillac offered current Lincoln owners a $5,000 discount if they traded in their 1999 or newer Lincoln for a Cadillac Escalade.

Source: Bloomberg