Buick's latest concepts may never enter production, Avenir concept is already off the table

Buick has released two rear-wheel drive concepts in the last year, but neither of the may ever see production.


Last year Buick revealed the Avenir concept at the Detroit Auto Show, which sparked rumors that Buick could get a new rear-wheel drive flagship sedan and now this year, Buick showed off the stylish Avista concept, which sparked dreams of a new rear-wheel drive Buick coupe. Will Buick ever put either of them in production? Well it looks like at least one of them is already a no-go.
Buick GMC boss Duncan Aldred recently confirmed to Automobile Magazine that a production version of the Avenir isn’t in the works. He blames the shrinking sedan market on the decision, but it’s also likely that Cadillac’s future also played a role in the decision. According to Aldred, General Motors already has an “emerging and strengthening Cadillac line,” which likely hurts the case for a large Buick rear-wheel drive sedan. The Buick sedan would have also been a direct competitor to the new Cadillac CT6.


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So what about the Avista concept? It’s based on the same platform as the Chevy Camaro and Aldred says that the “capabilities are there to build it,” but that it was designed purely as a concept. A production version of the Avista concept would give the Buick brand a new halo vehicle that could also help it attract younger buyers, but as of right now, Buick hasn’t made any decisions.

Source: Automobile Magazine