Buick recently killed off the Buick LaCrosse sedan in the US and soon the Cascada convertible will depart the lineup, which leaves the Regal as the only non-crossover in Buick showrooms. Well it looks like the Regal sedan may also leave the lineup too, which means that Buick could soon only sell crossovers in the US.

2019 Buick Regal Avenir

According to GM Authority, Buick recently killed off the LaCrosse and Regal in Mexico, which leaves Buick as a crossover only brand. The chances of that trend heading north are likely, since the Regal is essentially a rebadged Opel, a brand that is now owned by PSA.

Unless Buick decides to move the Regal to another GM platform, it’s likely that it will be done after the current generation. Right now it’s being reported that Buick is now working on any new sedans.

So what does that mean for the future of Buick in the US? Buick is currently working on the next-generation Encore and it does already offer the Envision and Enclave crossovers. A fourth model is also likely coming, which might be called the Envista. It’s also being reported that the Buick brand may revive the “Envoy” name that was last used by GMC, for a new three-row crossover.