Buick Hints at a Possible Premium Compact with Buick Avant Concept

GM newest release on the recently launched site “The Lab” features a new Buick concept, the Buick Avant, which is meant to study the possibility of small premium models.

“We agreed that a small premium vehicle shouldn’t be viewed as a compromise in any way,” says Andrew Smith, Director of Advanced Design at GM’s tech center in Warren. “It isn’t a vehicle you buy when you can’t afford the larger size version. It should be unapologetic of size and just make you feel great.”

In total GM came up with six exterior and four exterior designs.

buick_avant_concept.jpg buick_avant_concept_3.jpg buick_avant_concept_4.jpg buick_avant_concept_5.jpg buick_avant_concept_6.jpg buick_avant_concept_7.jpg buick_avant_concept_8.jpg buick_avant_concept_9.jpg buick_avant_concept_10.jpg buick_avant_concept_11.jpg buick_avant_concept_12.jpg