Fully digital instrument clusters are the trend right now and BMW is giving the world a preview of its new operating system, which will be part of a new system, called BMW Operating System 7.0. BMW’s new digital display is designed around the user’s individual requirements more than ever with its customizable displays.

BMW Operating System 7.0

The digital instrument cluster has space to display a section of the navigation map as well as further, individually selectable content. The digital display combines uniformly with the Control Display in the center console, which has been optimized to deliver intuitive touch operation and displays info on up to ten configurable main menu pages. The new operating system can be controlled via the iDrive Controller, touch control, voice control and gesture control.

BMW has revealed a few previews of the new digital instrument cluster that can feature different information based on the drive mode you’re in, for example either Sport or Eco. BMW hasn’t announced when the BMW Operating System 7.0 will arrive, but it could debut in either the new X7 SUV or possibly even the upcoming 8-Series.

Source: BMW