BMW has announced that it will start producing a new wireless charger for the BMW 530e in July. The wireless charger will make it easier to charge the 530e using inductive charging that will get rid of the need to plug the bulky plug into the plug-in hybrid sedan.

BMW 530e wireless charger

The new wireless charger can be installed in a garage or outside. Once the 530e is positioned over the GroundPad, the charging process begins as soon as the vehicle is put into park. The wireless charger won’t work, unless there’s a secondary CarPad mounted underneath the 530e.

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The wireless charging system has a charging power of 3.2 kW and can fully recharge the BMW 530e iPerformance in about 3.5 hours. BWM will not actually sell the charging system, since right now it says that it will only be available as a leasing-option. The first units will arrive in Germany, followed by the UK, US, Japan and China. BMW hasn’t announced if it will be fully available in the United States, although another report claims that it will initially only be offered in California.

BMW also hasn’t announced when it will be available for the rest of its electrified lineup.

Source: BMW