BMW and Toyota may have teamed up for the next-generation BMW Z4 and the resurrected Toyota Supra, but that doesn’t mean that the two sports cars will drive exactly the same. According to BMW Australia CEO Marc Werner, the two models will be quite different.

Toyota FT-1 Concept
Toyota FT-1 Concept

The BMW Australia CEO confirmed to Car Advice that the next-generation BMW Z4 will still be an “ultimate driving machine,” even though its been developed with Toyota’s help. Werner also confirmed that not only will the Z4 look different than the Toyota Supra, but it will also drive and handle differently.

While BMW and Toyota may have teamed up to develop the two new Z4 and Supra, it was simply to share costs and pool resources, but luckily the dreaded badge engineering won’t happen here.

“Product development of each and every car costs you a couple of billion dollars, and the roadster segment is, unfortunately, declining over the last couple of years—not only for us [BMW], but each and every manufacturer,” Werner stated.

The Toyota Supra will likely be cheaper than the BMW Z4. BMW gave us a preview of the new Z4 with the BMW Z4 Concept in August, but Toyota hasn’t given any big hints to how the new Supra could look. It’s expected that the Supra will borrow design elements from the FT-1 concept. We might get our first look at the new Supra later this month at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Source: Car Advice