BMW X1 Concept Unveiled Before its Official Unveiling in Paris

BMW is going to officially unveil the BMW X1 concept at the Paris Motor Show this week, but we have the first few official photos now of the concept.

The X1 concept is supposed to hint at the production version of the X1 that will be launched next year and judging by past BMW concepts the production model is expected to look close to this. Next year the BMW X1 will be produced at BMW’s Leipzig plant in Germany. BMW is targeting 100,000 units per year. The X1 is expected to be powered by a range of 4cyl and 6cyl gas and diesel engines.

Expect more details later this week when the concept is officially unveiled.

bmw_concept_x1_2.jpg bmw_concept_x1_3.jpg bmw_concept_x1_4.jpg bmw_concept_x1_5.jpg bmw_concept_x1_6.jpg

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