BMW X1 Concept Officially Unveiled

Following last night’s photo leaks of the X1 Concept, BMW has officially unveiled the Concept in Paris.

The X1 Concept, which is very similar to the production version that will go on sale next year features a front end that is very similar to the new 7 Series. In terms of size BMW’s newest small SUV looks very close in size to the current X3. It remains to be seen if the next X3 which is also due out sometime next year will move up in size. Overall the styling looks like a combination of the new 7 Series and the current X3 and X5.

bmw_x1_concept_official2.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official3.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official4.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official5.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official6.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official7.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official8.jpg bmw_x1_concept_official9.jpg bmw_concept_x1_2.jpg bmw_concept_x1_3.jpg bmw_concept_x1_4.jpg bmw_concept_x1_5.jpg bmw_concept_x1_6.jpg

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BMW X1 Concept Unveiled Before its Official Unveiling in Paris



• World debut of a concept BMW X model in the premium compact segment.
• BMW, the founder of the Sports Activity Vehicle segment, is consistently expanding the range of BMW X models.
• Authentic transition of the features and design language typical of a BMW X model into a new class of vehicles. A concept study offering a clear expression of modern style, agility, versatility and premium quality through its design alone.
• As an innovative vehicle concept in the premium compact segment, the BMW Concept X1 sets the standard for cool elegance, modern style, and variable function.
• The BMW Concept X1 offers ample room for spontaneous mobility in many different ways, clearly reflecting the lifestyle of a modern and active target group. Numerous details on the Concept Car provide a clear hint as to the actual production of an appropriate series model within one year.
Exterior design:
• Typical features of a BMW X model combined with elegant, sleek proportions. This alone gives the BMW Concept X1 unique character within the range of BMW X models as a whole.
• The striking frontal view clearly expresses the robust and powerful character of the car by emphasising its sheer width. A floor protection element finished in a different colour gives additional emphasis to the wide track.
• The BMW Concept X1 comes with dual round headlights cut off at the top in the typical style of the BMW brand, complete with a white-coloured horizontal cover at the top edge. The position of the headlights and foglamps brings back the three-eye face of other BMW X models.
• Six contour lines and the three-dimensional shape define the surface design of the engine compartment lid emanating a strong feeling of dynamic performance. The inner lines taper out sharply to the front towards the BMW kidney grille, the outer lines continue into the shoulder contours at the side.
• Through its centre of gravity visibly positioned right in the middle, the small distance between the front axle and the steering wheel, and the almost square contours of the wheel cutouts, the side view of the BMW Concept X1 draws a clear parallel to other BMW X models. Black body surrounds made of a special, robust synthetic material highlight the clear orientation towards the wheels. The sturdy, silver-coloured roof railing extends far to the rear, determining the course of the roofline together with the spoiler at the back.
• Characteristic rear end with L-shaped rear light clusters ensuring a homogeneous light effect thanks to LED light tubes. Raked to a low angle, the rear window gives the BMW Concept X1 a truly sporting touch, the horizontal lines emphasising the sheer width of the vehicle.
• As a special design feature specific to this model, three-dimensional surrounds encompass the headlights and rear light clusters and help to create the special graphics of the side windows.