BMW has unveiled the Vision iNext concept, which is a preview of an electric crossover that’s going to enter production in 2021. When the production version of the iNext concept is released it will be the flagship of BMW’s electric lineup.

BMW Vision iNext concept

While the BMW Vision iNext concept is a preview of its future electric crossover, BMW is only saying that the concept is a preview of how the BMW iNext might look like.

“Personal mobility is set to experience significant change,” explains Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Development. “The possibilities opened up by autonomous driving and ever-expanding connectivity enable a whole new range of experiences and ways of shaping a journey. With this in mind, we have designed the all-electric BMW Vision iNEXT as a mobile environment that enhances quality of life, a new “Favourite Space” in which we can be ourselves and relax.”

BMW Vision iNext concept

On the outside, the BMW Vision iNext concept is about the same size as one of BMW’s current SUVs, but its exterior is far more distinct than any of them. At the front the large blanked outdouble-kidney grille is similar to the upcoming iX3 electric crossover, with a look that is bigger and a bit polarizing. From the sides, the Vision iNext concept borrows some of its styling cues from the smaller i3.

BMW Vision iNext concept

The Vision iNext concept features two drive modes, Boost, which allows the driver to drive themselves, or Ease, which is an autonomous driving mode, which lets the driver and passengers focus on other things, while the car drives itself.

BMW hasn’t made any announcements about the electric powertrain that powers the Vision iNext concept.

The iNext is just one of 25 electrified models that BMW plans to introduce by 2025. Plus, out of the 25 electrified models, 12 of them will be pure-electric.

Source: BMW