BMW Officials Confirm All-Wheel-Drive BMW M5

Its been rumored that BMW is going to release an all-wheel-drive version of the next-generation M5, but now there is even more proof. BMW officials have confirmed that BMW will indeed offer all-wheel-drive on the next M5, which is expected to debut this fall.

A concept version of the M5 was unveiled last month in Shanghai and the production version is expected to be revealed in Frankfurt this fall. Officials have also denied that BMW has any plans to make an M version of the long-wheelbase 5 Series that is sold in China.

“The long-wheelbase platform is reserved for standard versions of the 5-series sold in the Chinese market,” said one source. “There are no existing plans for an M5 on this structure.”

2012_bmw_m5_concept_2.jpg 2012_bmw_m5_concept_3.jpg 2012_bmw_m5_concept_4.jpg 2012_bmw_m5_concept_5.jpg

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